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Short cuts - Nº 1: Switching between windows

Short cuts - Nº 1: Switching between windows

This is the first in a new series of mini posts about helpful keyboard shortcuts and macros, both designed to abbreviate the execution of commands that usually take several clicks to carry them out. We will present the most common ones to you so as to speed up your daily work with Transit and make it easier.

But why shortcuts or macros in the first place?

Let's say you need 4 mouse/keyboard actions to carry out a specific command. With the right macro or shortcut, you can do the same thing hitting the keyboard just once, so you have saved 3 actions. Okay, they difference may only be one second, but multiply that second by the number of times you have to carry out that action every day. If it is 400 times a day, that amounts to 6-7 minutes of your precious time. Time that you can use to translate an extra 100 words, update your LinkedIn profile, smoke a fag (or perhaps we shouldn't suggest that...) or whatever else suits you. And if you learn the shortcuts for all those repetitive mouse and keyboard actions you carry out day in, day out, saving the odd minute here and there will easily add up to half an hour a day.

But keyboard shortcuts and macros are not only good for boosting your productivity, they are also more ergonomic than heavy mousework. So, boost your efficiency and be health-conscious at the same time and start using shortcuts and macros. And here comes the first one.

Do you work with several Transit windows and often switch between them? Well, instead of clicking on the window you can also use simple shortcuts to hop from one to the other.

  • Alt-1  - Source language window
  • Alt-2  - Target language window
  • Alt-3  - Dictionary window
  • Alt-4  - Scratchpad window
  • Alt-5  - Source Fuzzy Index window
  • Alt-6  - Target Fuzzy Index window
  • Alt-7  - Markup window
  • Alt-8  - PDF viewer window

We hope this tooltip will make your work in Transit NXT a little easier. Enjoy, and make sure you come back for more! A special thanks to Karen Ellis for revising this post.


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