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New Transit NXT Plug-ins for InDesign CC 2017

Transit NXT supports InDesign CC2017

New Transit NXT Plug-ins for InDesign CC 2017

STAR's computer-assisted translation tool Transit NXT now offers support for Adobe InDesign CC 2017

Transit NXT features new plug-ins for InDesign CC 2017

STAR Group has expanded its plug-ins for DTP applications, and now supports InDesign CC 2017 (Windows and Mac).

The plug-ins simplify the translation of InDesign projects through a smooth data exchange with the Transit NXT translation memory system. During this process, PDF previews are created automatically, which readily display the context in the original format during translation and are a valuable aid to the translator.

In the end, the translations flow back directly into DTP documents – including correct formatting, text markups, and image/graphic links. This saves users from the tedious act of copying/pasting foreign language texts, the error-prone practice of relinking images/graphics, as well as the time-consuming effort of reformatting the translated documents.

The plug-ins facilitate project preparation, support the translator with contextual information, and minimize DTP work downstream. Thus, translation processes are also efficient, secure, and predictable for DTP formats.

Plug-ins are offered for all InDesign (Windows and Mac) versions back to CS 2, for Adobe FrameMaker back to version 4.0, and for QuarkXPress (Windows and Mac) back to version 7.

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