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Added flexibility & efficiency during project exchange (1/3)

Translation project exchange with Transit NXT

Added flexibility & efficiency during project exchange (1/3)

Shortcut # 23, this time about translation project exchange and other features that make life for the project manager a lot easier.

As we always mention in our posts, the new Transit NXT Service Pack is full of useful and efficient features that help you to reduce the manual effort required for each step in the project management process.

As a translation project manager, you may need to send additional files to the translator for reference along with the translation project package. If you often send files to the translator as email attachments, you may forget to include some of these files or the translator may miss some of them in the downloading process. The new Transit NXT Service Pack now gives you the option of attaching files within the translation project package.

Once you have prepared your project and are ready to pack it, you can include one or more files as an attachment within the PPF file. Go to Project > Exchange (Transit / XLIFF / SDLPPX) > Pack in order to prepare the PPF. Select the required options and then click on Attachments… to add any files to be sent to the translator, as shown in the image below:

Add attachments

This reduces the manual effort of sending files as email attachments to the translator. It also helps the translator to organise the files, as all of the files attached in the PPF are automatically saved in a sub-folder of the main project folder, as can be seen in the following image:


Another useful feature added to the packing of translation projects is the option to save your project exchange settings so that they are pre-selected when packing the next project. This means that you don't have to select the required options manually each time you prepare a project, thereby reducing the manual effort required and saving your time.

For example, you may be sending .cod files, original files and additional files to all of your translators. Saving the settings means that they will be pre-selected when packing future projects. These settings therefore become the standard settings for all future projects.

Save settings

This can be achieved by simply selecting the Save as my default option in the Pack project window as shown in the image above. You can change your standard settings at any time by selecting different options manually while preparing a PPF.

We hope that you find these two new features of the translation package creation process useful. Do try them out, thus reducing the manual effort and time required. Please feel free to comment on this post or let us know if you would like us to write about a specific feature.

See you soon for another interesting and useful feature of Transit NXT SP8. Have fun creating PPFs until then! 


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