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Technical translation

Expert translation of the descriptive and user documentation of a product

We provide technical translation services for all types of texts and documents that describe a product and its use: informational, regulatory, descriptive or instructional texts such as product catalogues, warranty terms, usage, maintenance and repair manuals, etc.

To ensure that we provide a top-quality technical translation service, we require our translators to complete an approval process and attest to their skill sets. The most important qualities they must possess are mastery of their field of expertise and knowledge of its specific terminology in both the source and the target language. They must also be familiar with the textual conventions of the different types of documents they handle and have mastered the techniques for transferring these conventions from one language to another. Good technical translators are also naturally curious and tireless investigators. The last (but not least) important quality that translators need to possess is a sense of professional ethics that drives them to thoroughly research the subject matter of their translation and search for the best solutions in the customer's best interest.