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Transparent terminology management

TermStar NXT is compatible with TBX and MARTIF terminology exchange formats and various database platforms

If your company already has glossaries or lists of terms, they can easily be imported and used in TermStar.

TermStar is not only compatible with MARTIF and TBX terminology exchange formats, it also enables information to be imported from any structured text file: databases, terminology lists in MS Excel and MS Access, and tagged files (HTML, SGML, XML or customised tags).

Furthermore, with the possibilities for high-quality data mining terminology now available on Internet, solid terminology databases can be created effortlessly to establish your company's core terminology.

The basic version of TermStar comes equipped with an MS Access database. However, because it is ODBC compatible, it can be adapted to other platforms such as Oracle Database, IBM DB 2, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. This means there is no need to invest in a specific database when you can continue to use those already in use in your organisation.