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Web-based terminology management

Thanks to its web technology, WebTerm improves the communication and streamlined exchange of multilingual information between all involved in a project from anywhere in the world

WebTerm, the solution for web-based terminology management, is a step forward for internal and external multilingual communication in your company. With a modest investment and from a central location, you can implement web 2.0 technology, which fosters cooperation and the streamlined exchange of information between technical writers, terminologists, translators, marketing managers and sales representatives.

The benefits are clear:

  • Streamlining thanks to the creation of multilingual terminology.
  • Checked and approved terminology quickly shared with all users.
  • Time savings in technical documentation processes.
  • Increased quality in all product documentation.
  • Consistent reuse of the company's linguistic assets.
  • Time and cost savings with greater quality in the translation and review processes.
  • Faster time to market.

Photo: Terminology database of the World Tourism Organisation created with WebTerm