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Consistent and global communication

WebTerm helps you to communicate consistently all over the world and to promote a premium-quality corporate image

WebTerm helps you communicate consistently with your stakeholders throughout the world and promote a premium-quality corporate image.

Operationally, it not only enables internal organisational communication to be improved, but it also serves as a reference point for translation providers so that they only use terminology that has been checked and approved by the company.

Your company's valuable terminological assets are found across many different fields (R&D, marketing, sales, etc.). WebTerm is the only terminology management system on the market with structured and centralised data storage on a remote system.

The terms can be grouped into various specialised dictionaries for each technical field, supplemented with terminology from commercial dictionaries. All the dictionaries are displayed on-screen in a single virtual list.

We have created a simple storage system that speeds up access to terminology and simplifies work processes; our customers are very satisfied with the results.