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Translates all formats

STAR Transit NXT is the translation system that works with the most formats

With 30 years' experience of the conversion filter technology behind it, Transit NXT leads the pack as the translation system that works with the most formats.

Regardless of the original text, Transit's import process separates and protects the formatting data so that the information is not lost during the translation phase. This strategy significantly reduces the cost of formatting a document after it has been translated. The imported text is converted into a fully transparent format: Unicode text with XML tags. After the translator has translated the files, they become part of the translation memory.

As its unique structure is based on text files, Transit avoids all the problems of performance, damaged databases and inaccessible translation memories that can be encountered when using other products.

With Transit NXT, you can:

  • Translate all MS Office formats
  • Translate Adobe Indesign files
  • Translate Adobe Framemaker files 
  • Translate Adobe QuarkXPress files
  • Translate tagged file formats like HTML, XML, SGML
  • Translate software resource formats like RC, EXE, DLL
  • ...and many more !