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Video game translation and localisation

 All accompanying documentation of a video game must be translated for it to be perceived as a premium-quality product

For a video game to be successful internationally, the interface texts need to be translated and adapted to the technical and cultural conventions of the target markets. Furthermore, depending on each video game's platform and complexity, it must be accompanied by documentation that needs to be translated for it to be perceived as a premium-quality product: technical instructions, game manuals, online help, licence contracts, copyright warnings, warranty terms, etc.

We offer the following services:

  • Translation and localisation of video game interface texts.
  • Translation of audio scripts for video game subtitles.
  • Translation of technical instructions.
  • Translation of game manuals.
  • Translation of the online help and readme files.
  • Translation of the licensing contracts, copyright warnings and warranty terms, photo-sensitivity warnings, etc.
  • Translation of the texts on the packaging and other marketing texts.
  • Project management for audio recording (voiceovers, dubbing), negotiations with studios, hiring voice actors, post production, etc.

Photo: "The Respawnables" video game, the latest creation from the Digital Legends studios (Barcelona), translated by STAR.