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Five emerging trends in technical translation services: all you need to know

emerging trends in technical translation services

Five emerging trends in technical translation services: all you need to know

1. Automation and AI (artificial intelligence)

Automation and AI are transforming the way in which technical translations are carried out. Computer-assisted translation tools are being redesigned to integrate the use of artificial intelligence: AI-based functions allow the level of translation reliability to be identified for each segment, thus facilitating the editing cycle.

2. Neural machine translation

Neural translation has revolutionised the quality of machine translation, especially in the technical area. Neural network-based systems are able to better understand the context and produce more accurate and natural translations. The editing of translations produced by neural engines by a human translator now requires much less effort than that required by machine translations from just a few years ago.

3. Agile localisation

The demand for quicker development cycles has led to the adoption of agile approaches in software localisation and the integration of content managers in translation management systems. Agile localisation allows a smoother integration of translation processes into development workflows, resulting in shorter times to market and greater flexibility when it comes to adapting to changes in market requirements.

4. Customisation and cultural adaptation

Clients increasingly expect translations to not only be accurate, but also culturally relevant and adapted to their local audience. This has led to greater attention being paid to cultural adaptation in translation services, with a focus on transcreation and creative translation to ensure that the message lands with the target audience.

5. Security and confidentiality

With the growing concern around data security, the protection of confidential information has become a priority in technical translation services. Companies are implementing increasingly rigorous measures to ensure data security throughout the translation process, from file management to communication with translators.

STAR and emerging trends

The trends described above are reshaping the landscape of technical translation services, providing new opportunities and challenges for professionals and companies in the area of localisation and internationalisation. Keeping up with these trends is key to adapting to a constantly changing environment and continuing to offer high-quality translation services in an increasingly global environment.
At STAR, we have incorporated these trends and updated our processes to face these renewed opportunities. Should you require any advice or help to ensure that your translation services are taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by the latest translation technology, please do not hesitate to contact STAR.



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