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Audiovisual translation (2): dubbing and voice-overs

Audiovisual translation (2): dubbing and voice-overs

A few days ago, we invited you to increase your international presence through subtitling. As we pointed out, you can achieve your goal easily with a team of translators who specialise in your product or product range and the professionalism of our subtitlers, who work together to ensure the video flows in different languages.

However, there are other ways of reaching an international audience. Some of our customers prefer voice to subtitles, and for them, the ideal solution is to dub their productions or record voice-overs. At STAR, we have professional narrators in multiple languages, so your content can reach any corner of the world without it having to be read on screen: whether it's online training, advertising videos or product presentations. The same specialists with whom we have worked for years to produce multimedia products in different language versions can now help with your corporate communication.

On other occasions, our customers have chosen to prioritise the immediacy of the communication, i.e., opting for a product presentation to be given simultaneously in different parts of the world. To do so, they have entrusted STAR and its remote simultaneous interpreting service, backed by an amazing team of experts who, during this very strange year, have retrained and kept up-to-date with the latest technology.

No two customers are the same and there is no single formula for improving international presence through audiovisual content. At STAR, we offer a range of services related to the audiovisual sector in order to help you expand: services such as subtitling, dubbing, voice-overs, remote simultaneous interpreting, etc., will undoubtedly increase your chances of becoming successfully established in other countries.

It is about being able to rely on a single provider who can provide solutions for all projects related to the audiovisual area and multilingual communication.

How would you like to improve your international presence? Get in touch with STAR Servicios Lingüísticos and tell us about your concerns and goals. We will advise and guide you in order to offer you the solution that best suits your expectations.


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